The Savage Theologian is not a charitable ministry and so will not be requesting donations from you the reader. However I would like to highlight a couple of  ministries which have made an impact in my life personally, or have been helpful regarding some of the posts you read on this site along with making a difference in the lives of the communities in which they serve. It would be a blessing to them and myself if you donated to their ministries.



King’s Table Church exists to take every chance to make much of Jesus. As we seize opportunities to engage those close to us but far from Jesus, our living rooms, dinner tables, and Sunday gatherings are starting to fill up with people who are getting their first taste of life in the Kingdom.

At King’s Table, we tell God’s Story, not our own. We’re not building a brand; we’re simply bringing one another to Jesus through his Word. So, we want to own the ordinary. No occasion is too small to put the Kingdom on display. As we do, we know that Jesus sustains his people and builds his church. So, we will continually send out our best to see the life we share in Christ shared across our city and around the world!

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Doing Family Right


Doing Family Right is a non-profit ministry with charitable status in both Canada and the USA. They seek to help people with their most important relationships: spouse—family—God. They are passionate about inspiring family transformation everywhere they go and with everything they do!

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